Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ly Cao Skreslet ?? WTF!!

Well my readers…it has been a great new month and well I couldn’t leave  the powers that be to do actually do something constructive in the  happy ending story of this Journal.

So I shall be brief in posting some things today and just get to the point mostly just legal crap.

A lot of you have asked why do we keep doing this. Well in a nut shell…if you read my first writing of this journal. I clearly pointed out why and the ripple effects that connects everyone else. http://universityofvirginianewsjournal.blogspot.com/2007/04/university-of-virginia-news.html

When this story became a mind of its own I let everyone put there 2 cents and what they submitted from all everywhere. But I did try to stay on topic and be objective from both sides of the issues…pro or con. 
  But when I try to make some kind of compromise and see the facts…I kept getting unanswered questions and emails being blocked. So I had to literally find more direct resources by of course all legal means possible.

First of course you asked where are these photos coming from and linked?

Well at the beginning....I did what anyone else did I “Google it” since 2006, 2007, 2008 and so on.
 Of course I didn’t have permission to post to them or hell even the links to them at all at the time. But not all them were copyrighted at all and were legally for public use on websites as webshots old site, news reports, Google images, Facebook which practically give you them and others were sent to me anonymous with a link.
What really got my attention was that the fact that a Stock Photography Company acquired a licensed agreement with Joseph Sirakas also known as Warfare01 Cyber-fetish War this past year of March 2012.

Which there official statement says:

"March.29, 2012

So to avoid any legal problems or embarrassments if I had to remove all the photos I use to tell this tale of woe.  I asked for permission for the use of anything that I am allowed to be used on our journal from their sites.

Their response was overwhelming and that our application was would be pending upon final approval from the copyright holders.
So  in plain English…..the photos and links stay here for now and hopefully more will come.

For now I can honestly say people are speaking up about really happen and what course of action should be legally done now.  Maybe 6 years late and that everyone thought it will would go away or be forgotten.

They say a photo tells a story, in this case…it shows so much that you don’t want to believe in it all or hide from it.

We now know for a fact that Ms. Ly Cao and Amelia Dolore did know each other, were involved in a photo together in a sexual way……..Seriously, if you see a girl with a ball gagged in her mouth and a Asian dominatrix porn star holding her by the collar….WTF?
 It safe to say they not playing dress up or cosplay.