Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joseph Sirakas vs Ly Cao and Who else?


Will we get a tone of emails, Photos, links and even some interesting facts...LMAO!

We will eventually get to them and start posting when we sort things out.

But I'll say that this past year we had a complete surprise from many sources that were just sitting there unnoticed or even linked.

I can honestly say that...justice was indeed blind in case Mr.  Joseph Sirakas.

They say a "picture tells a 1,000 words". In this case it shows more and told a unique story and keeps telling and asking more questions than answers.

Short summary:
1.     We know that Amelia Dolore aka Sarah Contey ....fetish Goth emo model, was modeling hardcore fetish scenes and posting before she may/may not have been over 18yr...Starting way back Aug 2004-2008 (this we are still trying to figure out) on model websites and before even knowing Warfare01 a.k.a. Joseph Sirakas and Ms. Ly Cao
2.     She did clothed non-revealing Goth shoots with Warfare01 aka Mr. Sirakas, but it seems was doing  the hard core fetish photos with others photographers and being a submissive to them as well and not telling anyone and lied, that she may have been under age at the time and maybe really no one knew about it.?
3.     From the model and photography websites...deviantart,modelmayhem,photobucket,myspace, etc. and even her own face book she has link photos of what she has been doing and posting since 2004-2008...(again before she may/may not have been over 18yr...Starting way back Aug 2004 -2008...this we are still trying to figure out)
4.     Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana...ex-girlfriend & ex-fiancĂ©e' of Mr. Joseph Sirakas aka Warfare01...which they were together for 7 1/2 yrs...Lied, betrayed and things far horrible that anyone can do to a person you cared for and family.....was in fact the center of all this...i.e. suicide blogs, fake face book accounts, false statements.


5.     Mr. Joseph Sirakas...survive his dramatic ordeal for the past 5 yrs. and well legally we cannot really put in him” harm’s way".   WE WOULD LOVE TO INTERVIEW HIM OR ASK QUESTIONS WE ARE DYING TO KNOW!!                                                                                    
  But He gave away control and his copyrights to a Stock Photo Company back in March and on his behalf they re-posted a lot of his works and photos which have not been seen in ever! And that showed there more to this story that no one really knew about.
6.     It would seems Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana, didn’t want anyone to know about her secret life as a Asian femdom and adult performer life that she had with her ex-fiancee Mr. Sirakas aka Warfare01.  Even thru it was him that helps support her throughout her schooling and work and even took care of her family. And she betrayed him while she was swinging with  Mr. Nathan Skreslet on a HOTORNOT website and was cheating on him (not the so-called rosy summary line on the Face book Ugly mugs face painting sties on they actually met.)
7.     We do know Mr. Sirakas took clothed non-revealing Goth solo shoots of Amelia Dolore but nothing hardcore that we can find. Only of other local fetish photographers listed on this site. But we did find from her face book album...a mistress / submissive bondage photo of her and Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana that was dated Aug 8 2005 taken by Copyright@Katherine/Amelia Dolore Photography tm?

( which again she may/may not have been over 18yr...Starting way back Aug 2004 -2008                                                           this we are still trying to figure out) 

8.     It seems Ms Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana was using her as a submissive in fetish shoots or other things? Did she know she was underage since from the photos we found on her own website facebook & webshots she is was clearly part of the family from the photos : why didn't anyone ask the "big questions" when justice was blind that day with Mr. Sirakas.....and none of these "type of photos" were taken or made by Warfare01 aka Mr. Sirakas at the time of the date....SO WHO IS COPYRIGHT@KATHERINE-?  Later we would know that she had habit of lying about her age to do shoots to everyone she worked with or not telling anyone.

 So that’s all for now folks....the New Year shall bring light at the end of the tunnel. We will back in January 2013. 

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