Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where is warfare01 - Joseph?


Well besides that night when we were having 'group sex'....if you can call it like that. I did have a thing with Joseph twice and well I got a free laptop also...loll. Since Joseph didn't really get to have sex with since both he and Matt were doing ly at the same time I could only give him a hard on bj. Anyway I was having my own problems with my family and with school here at UVA at the time since my so-called Christian group leader took advantage of me and fuck me over...which I was kind of mess up about having sex with anyone again. And then I met this guy who was alright and he actually paid me money for having sex with him!! Which I told ly and gave me somewhat advice about it. So I accepted the money and really wanted to do more about it. So I ask Joseph if he could help me about doing this on the side. Also I need my computer fix for school at the same time and ask ly if Joseph can help either way since she was at JMU. So I went over his place and he took me out for dinner and told me what to expect about being an escort and everything. He showed me ly's pictures and video of what they do together. So I wanted to do the same and take pictures.....

And well we ended up having sex. It was a little different since he was my 3rd person that I ever fucked and kind of difficult since he was very big* and had to take mostly doggy style. I really did like the way he change positions and fuck me in a lot of ways I never tried before with anyone. I do know he really like and surprise him when he was doing me from behind and I was calling 'daddy do me more'...loll...I always wanted to say that and not be judged as slut for saying that. Afterwards he tries to fix my computer but he couldn't. So the next day we went to his store and paid for new laptop for me! (He got a really discounted% one off). I was so happy for this...we went back to his place since I was didn't want to stay at my house for the weekend before I go back to school. So we ended up having sex again....I gave him a bj and this time he wanted to fuck me in the ass since he had just try it the week before with ly and his friend Keith.

 It was the guy Keith who Joseph 'shared' ly with on/ off and first to fuck her in the ass since he was smaller for her to get used to before Joseph can do her alone.

 So I let me stick it my ass and he would be the 2nd person I ever did this with. It still hurt and I called ly of what we did and she didn't like that I got a free laptop from Joseph. I try to be her friend but sometimes she can be bossy know it all and she treats me like I don't know anything. We were good friends in high school and I took the perfect picture at prom of her and Joseph....which they always used for their October 20 anniversary.

 But I am not a slut or bitch! I'm still a good least I didn't get pregnant in high school and get an abortion! I just can't stand there and be a mouse again. Caroline*