Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ly Cao - Lady Oriana with underAge girl?

I'm answering this only that I am truly a right minded person and feel that such people should NOT be in position of trust when they are truly not trustworthy. That being said,....That this Ms. Ly Cao who apparently has a hidden past that she did not want anyone knowing at all and also the ' false background ' of their business web page on Red Gifts....www.redbudgifts.com/index.php/vendors/ugly-mugs-face-painting.html.

 I now find that both the time frame of events of them teaming up in spring 2007? And the events surrounding her first fiancé Mr. Sirakas are not only very questionable and suspicious in nature, but why did this not come out before hand?

She is now a nursing cnl student here  which I find it very offense that she's at a professional position that she should have never receive in the first place when such obscene and pornographic history. Please don't get me wrong......I do believe people can change them and start a new life, but seriously not at the expense of ruining people lives....namely of Mr. Sirakas who was not only her fiancée for 7yrs..? And had a life with her, but also the ' underage girl’. This Sarah? 
http://www.nursing.virginia.edu/media/VirginiaLegacy-Spring2011-FINAL.pdf  )

Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana asian femdom dominatrix adult pornstar local shool nursing student cnl charlottesville richmond uva university of virginia
Why did she not accuse Ly (pronounce: Lee) of doing a sexual scene with her as the picture's clearly show she was using her in very appallingly way. (Disgusting!)

 And they paint kids face in the local market here...someone should really do something about. You cannot run away from a destructive past that you cause and pretend no one will question later on....it will come back. My suggestion is that she find some common ground ' with first fiancée Mr. Sirakas....before things get out of hand and then she has
Answer some tough questions by her or face the music.
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