Monday, July 2, 2012

Asking a Dumb Question? Ly Cao / Lady Oriana with underage girl???

I got a real interesting question? I was looking at her ( ly cao / lady Oriana ) pictures.....mostly her slave's I guess? 
And reading about one about the submissive schoolgirl Sarah??

Well isn't she the one that got the guy Warfare01 ( Joseph ) in trouble.??
 Because she lied about her age in doing shoots with them?? And doesn't seem that ly cao/ lady Oriana also knew she was underage?? 
when doing a fetish scene shoot and using her as a submissive and sex?? 

All this time, the photo's of ly cao / lady Oriana and Sarah have been up since 2005?? And yet when I look up Joseph Sirakas (warfare01). 
Yet he's the one that is register with a crime?? 
How come they didnt arrested ly cao / lady oriana for being with a underage girl ( EVEN IF SHE DID LIED ABOUT HER AGE AFTER ALL ) 
I think someone really needs a bigass* apology for being label as a monster ( Joseph ) when their more to the story then people really know? I sure would like to know? 

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Justine S. June 14, 2012 10:23 AM

  1. Lol...that's a very good question Mike !!

    All I can say of what I truly know is that we have a secrets* And that now ever since Mr. Joseph Sirakas was release and disappeared again....he sold all this to a Stock Photography Company...which has been finding re-posting a lot of his past work.....I guess they no one thought to see that their was actual proof of ly cao aka lady Oriana with Sarah until now. So now people are asking questions of what was really going on.

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