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Asking a Dumb Question? Ly Cao / Lady Oriana with underage girl???

 RE: Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana trying to hide her past & Lies !!
Jun 13 2012, 10:23 AM EDT | Post edited: Sunday, 1:18 PM EDT

Not everything seems to be what it truly is since not only was it a 'FALSE ARREST' and he was blame for something he really didn't turned out to be such a LIE at the was too late. :(
And that is just wrong.

Here's who really to blame for the lies and rumor's.

 RE: What a true B*tch she is Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana..Lying all lies!!
Jun 13 2012, 10:31 AM EDT | Post edited: Sunday, 1:27 PM EDT

It's amazing how this profile : BeenFound......was made ,posted up
 something and then deleted on the same day!!!

Just another asshole attempting the spread lies!!!

I guess by discrediting her old finacee...Joseph Sirakas. No one would 
believe him in anything " bad " he has to say in his defense. After all this time....Did anyone really knew the extent of their relationship for more than 7 yrs 

 Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana & Joseph Sirakas ( Warfare01 )
Jun 13 2012, 10:39 AM EDT

I'm sure theirs lot's out just have to find out what's current......besides 'pictures don't lie' !

 RE: BeenFound. Profile a fake account user !
Jun 13 2012, 11:26 AM EDT | Post edited: Sunday, 12:37 PM EDT
Well thank you for contacting the 'Real People '. Yet another website that bends the truth a lot and also is considered harassment and I think illegal to post this whole thread.

Reason being that their was NO such court case involving......Joseph Sirakas vs. Linda C. Andrews
. And such a person never existed in real life. As for the painting of the her car....word : Slut?? She probably did it herself to get attention or pissed off one of her roomate's......who knows or care's !

RE: Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana & Joseph Sirakas ( Warfare01 )
Jun 14 2012, 2:14 PM EDT
I found this very ,very interesting since I had pleasure of some what knowing them when I met them both here in Charlottesville....well actually a 'swinger's party'. They were a great couple and I love hanging out with them both. I always wanted to know whatever happen to them?
Since I'm a local boy around here, I subscribe to the local news,
I read the one of 'Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana' and I guess the newest posting.

Asking a Dumb Question? Ly Cao / Lady Oriana with underage girl???

I got a real interesting question? I was looking at her ( ly cao / lady Oriana )
 pictures.....mostly her slave's I guess? And reading about one about the submissive schoolgirl Sarah??

Well isn't she the one that got the guy Warfare01 ( Joseph ) in trouble.?? 
Because she lied about her age in doing shoots with them?? And doesn't seem that ly cao/ lady Oriana also knew she was underage?? when doing a fetish scene shoot and using her as a submissive and sex?? All this time, the photo's of ly cao / lady Oriana and Sarah have been up since 2005?? 

And yet when I look up Joseph Sirakas (warfare01). He's the one that is register with a crime?? How come they didnt arrested ly cao / lady oriana for being with a underage girl ( EVEN IF SHE DID LIED ABOUT HER AGE AFTER ALL ) I think someone really needs a bigass* apology for being label as a monster ( Joseph ) when their more to the story then  people really know? I sure would like to know?

Micheal W.

I was curious about this and followed the link but what got me was that the girl (sarah)
 they were talking about had been doing other pictures at that same time also.....which I guess she was doing things she wasn't suppose to do at her age..... 

 Asking a Dumb Question? Ly Cao / Lady Oriana with underage girl???
Jun 14 2012, 2:34 PM EDT
Here is the schoolgirl?...which she likes to portray herself mostly as being the 'innocent type'. I guess we're posted at the same time frame 2005 as the photo's of ly cao aka lady Oriana did with her....

She basically use's another name....didn't anyone ever suspect her of lying about her age??
 And what's the real relationship of her (Sarah) and ly cao?.....why was ly cao using as a submissive slave girl in 2005? dolore

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