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Ly Cao Lady Oriana


Hey SarahD

I've read your postings about Ly with great interest. Out of curiosity, are you still in contact with her or able to contact her? I see you live in TX and I assume she still lives in VA? I'm not sure about your level of connection to her exactly. 

Hi Sarah and welcome to the forum. Any chance of posting any pics of Lady Oriana aka Ly Cao? I'm interested to see what this crazy bitch looks like. Thank you 

Why? Loll. 

Not really anymore. I forgot about that bitch back in 2007 when I moved....when I was doing some fetish shoots with her at the time...( i was a stupid innocent ) 

But it wasn't until recently that I started updating my photos that here, that have her name kept popping up on my websites tags links and what she did and fucked up her ex-fiancée'...warfare01. I started following the websites and blogs and pictures that were online. So I just read everything I found and sure enough there it was....a lot of shit about her! She made a lot of enemies at UVA for her screwing around be hide her boyfriend-fiancée' (warfare01- joseph Sirakas ) back that she left him for dead And ended up with some fag from Virginia tech trying be 'normal' shit. 

here's what i have got so far.......'s the business she is now with the i think 'old' emailaddress? mmm.thats her school email..UVA

*The rest is that she still lives down the street in annandale, virginia...kalorama street.
by the way i posting this up so everyone can

Anything else?SarahD 

mscaaaNew Member

Thanks for the info Sarah. If you don't mind a few more questions, I do appreciate your time.

1. Were you friends with her ex-finacee'?

2 What was she like to model with? Did she pretend to be normal?

3. Is her school email or hotmail still valid?

4. Does she still go to school?

5. She can't be with the face painting guy romantically, can she, you said he's gay?

6. Do you think she's really normal or still does her swinger lifestyle secretly?
7. Where are all the picture's and video's of her?
8. Where or What happen to Warfare01 (joseph sirakas )?
9.Does she still domme?

LOL...I just posted that already sweetie...loll. 
MMmm. Friends? Well it's very, very messed-up mind-fucked 

I did know them both at one time very well....sort of and was going to be their submissive and Goth model. We did a fetish scene photo shoot / video.....I was doing the schoolgirl thing submissive. 

And she would Domme me...we did a little kissing...tied my hands behind my back...she played with me to get me a little wet and was going to use the single tail whip and strap-on to tease me. But then she stop.... spanked me and then slapped the hell out of me....told me to get out and tore my photo book! (Because I had dropped her brother the fagit and found a girlfriend to fit my needs). 

So it was Warfare01 (joseph Sirakas) who kept his promised and showed me everything he knew about Goth/ etc. That really pissed her off*....he took me to see his Mistress Mei, who 'broke me in' and I became her submissive for a short time...private sessions at her She was great! She got me make-up & high heel shoes to wear. I do have photos from the shoot with guy Mark and Mistress Mei (me being waxed and licking her boots...loll.) But I'll save them for a raining day} :) 

But really NO ONE knew my 'little secret" about me ...not even Warfare01 really knew it....only that bitch whore Ly Cao & her brother fagit.

But I had my own problems and so did Warfare01 (joseph sirakas) since she (ly Cao) was cheating on him and driving him insane as well* But it ended badly for everyone after that.
She was ok for fetish modeling...It was Warfare01 (joseph Sirakas) who introduced her (ly cao) to fetish scene through his mistress Lady Lilly back in 2001 and she became an Asian femdom dominatrix at 18yrs.? She names herself Oriana from the street she lives in Annandale.

And that's what started it all I guess. She was doming from Lady Lily's place booking clients and was doing fetish scenes photography and video's.... basically she became a slut after all thorugh Warfare01 (Joseph Sirakas). As for that being herself 'normal" well only, Warfare01 (joseph Sirakas) would know her ways truly.

He spoiled her a lot and even 'shared' her with his friend from the Kinko's store name....Keith Schilling? a 2nd boyfriend for and a another cock to play with since she like doing two guys at once Dp (double penetration) even on at her house on her parents’ bedroom! I should know because Warfare01 (joseph Sirakas) recorded and took pictures of EVERYTHING they did together on VHS tape or camera...loll...And so her brother had shown me the video tape she keep in her room underneath her hello kitty crap.! This got passed around from lady Lily to Mistress Mei hand's for safe keeping.


So he also 'Shared " her with his other model friend's doing photoshoot's/ video...threesomes, gangbang's..girl-girl..parties,clubs.etc.


She is bisexual or bi-curious and they had their own submissive they shared  girlfriend ( Lady Ilsa ) she was their submissive/ slave girl and bondage model.
 Ly Cao ( Lady Oriana ), Warfare01 (Joseph Sirakas ) and Betsy Cutler ( Lady Ilsa ) was taken the last night of Nations club in Washington D.C. 

*Their was a threesome lesbian video of them that night at her place*

They both had 2 different lifestyles to be 'Normal".
She went to school JMU or UVA...typical 'Asian schoolgirl' and he worked for army or geek squad. Then they had their other lifestyle as...Lady Oriana Asian fetish model/ dominatrix femdom and adult performer and him a fetish this--->



Don't know about if her any of the email addresses is good or not? It's only thing i found..except of the business one she has...don't know if she still goes to school either?

But their are alot of pics from the school and her painting faces their around the Market??. 

As for the guy well...he's just looks like some gay That's the one she was cheating with and supposedly going to 'Marry' I guess? What a crock full of shit!!! here's the asshole facebook.

And here's the so called wedding crap...i guess No One really knew anything about her or hell bother to look her up online! What a dumbass bitch on local Tv...i guess she didn't think her name would be automatic link to her crap online and everywhere else*

It's just disgusting! such a bitch needs to be

Anyway she maybe is screwing behind this fuckface fagit as well. I found on the blog that she had a red diary and that was taken from her room? I do remember that one because when I was at the house....her brother let me read it too when they were out...loll.

Anyway that she was cheating behind Warfare01 (joseph Sirakas) back way long before anything else with 4 guys from her Ruby Tuesday waitress job...with a black guy cook? And other's! But she got Busted when they contracted HPV herpes from her and they went looking for Warfare01 (joseph Sirakas) at his geek squad job!

What really pisses me off that he (joseph )forgave her?!@#$ WTF ...he’s such a dork!!!

 I do know that Warfare01 ( joseph Sirakas ) was her first!...he popped her cherry and that at her high school Annandale......her dance team ...that she was 2 months pregnant at school and she had abortion at 18ys. Her friend Jules? I think posted up at the time when she was being a bitch also her dance team leader found out at the hospital when she fainted? Once back at her school year.

You can reach Ly and Nathan directly at:

As far as for Warfare01 ( joseph Sirakas ) I really can't help you with that....since he's not allowed to contact what so ever. 

So you go find him and ask him? I know he's the ONLY one who still has her photos or whatever out there.

And she did sign the permission release for the stuff he took! I guess she never thought what would happen to that.haha

The intro-video last like 5min....i found her old website on Domme/dominatrix listing website long time ago...she is still listed but it's got alot of broken have to find: asian femdom dominatrix washington d.c. lady oriana ly cao fetish model.....after that just follow her fetish model links so go back to her website others to other Lady Lily, Mistress Mei , Nyssa Nevers , Ms Sky---->

LY CAO it's actually..Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana doing the gangbang scene with 4guys .....1 black , 1 asain and 2 white If you watch the whole video...its her...they a clip at the local college sation when they invited her over to the show and she perform on air for them....

She was trying to promoted her stuff. 


Sarahd, WOW, thanks for posting the pics and the additional information. You stated that you had done fetish shoots with Ly Cao in 2007. Do you still shoot stills or video? If so would you share your pics with the members of the forum? Ly Cao sounds as if she has moved on from her dominatrix life style and does face painting for kids party's. It would be interesting if her current client base became aware of her past as a dominatrix.

Great information on Ly Cao...what a fucking crazy bitch! Do you still shoot film? If you have the strap-on pics of her and fetish pics would you mail them to me directly? I'd be more than happy to make a trade.~~


I would like to have them too and video....but very much think he would  never just give me too me or anyone...he went military psycho after what she did too him. And i don't need anymore Besides fate is what happen between us...well. That and also just too dangerous.

LMAO, understandably, but I think you would want them for your portfolio too. Maybe have someone else approach him? 

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