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The End Of Lies....And A New Beginning Warfare01

Dec. 21, 2011 Merry Christmas

As this story becomes more & more straight to pint of didn’t do they job or spoke up or really let a innocent man to be prosecuted upon a lie.
My husband & I started this when I pushed him  to open about this tragic horrible about Mr. Joseph Sirakas and his life story and that perhaps one day someone or somewhere would do something about it.

I thought about shutting this website after 9yrs and made its was enough to help or find peace with this story. But I decide to leave it as is and that the truth will come forth one day and Mr. Joseph Sirakas  would find a life somewhere and Justice would be serve.

As it turns out , things happen for a reason.  Mr. Sirakas was finally release this year and everything that had happen is now going to be known how truly it was all for a lie that he lost his life, freedom & mind.

So basically to keep this story straight to point of what happen between Mr. Joseph Sirakas & Ly Cao, of course using a computer and not “Auto-Correction on IPad” that some made parts of this news blog  unreadable as a whole.

·         Mr. Sirakas & Ly Cao were together for 8 years.
·         Both were living 2 lives.  One a normal one & kinky fetish one.
·         Him = Army Military / IT Computer / Photographer
·         Her = University Student  / Waitress / Dancer

Kink fetish Stuff

·         Him = fetish photographer / Top –Master
·         Her = Asian femdom Dominatrix / Adult Performer / Pornstar

For 8 years they were a poly open-relationship couple who were highly part of BDSM community &
He support her through both school and her family. And allow to explore her sexuality of becoming a Asian dominatrix & adult performance in photos & videos.

As the this story goes upon moving to UVA here in 2006, she met Nathan Skreslet on dating site.
As so to keep this short, she decide she wanted a  new life and the only way out was to have Mr. Sirakas exposed as a abusive boyfriend , any adult material or photos of themselves would be deleted & have someone to accused him and that would be that. Also several misleading fakes websites and any others to discredit him as well over the years.

I girl named Sarah Contey . who was a fetish goth model was currently dating Luan Cao (Ly Cao brother at time) turn out to be underage apparently 16-17? and no one knew about this as well.

She accused Mr Sirakas, in which any evidence  of her stage model name Amelia Dolore was not known or question about it or relationship to Luan Cao (Ly Cao brother).

Mr.Sirakas was already PSTD & depression due to his breakup with Ly Cao was not given a proper legal representation or  any investigation of his accuser life as a underage adult model.
After her statement she move out of the state of Virginia one month afterwards…..which would leave many questions..i.e. “ Where does a 17-18yr? girl get that much money to leave all of sudden”?

5 years past

As of this year Dec 2011-2012

Mr Joseph Sirakas was released.
 A small publishing company in France found a photo that was not supposed to exist & offered Mr. Sirakas sponsorship and copyright control over any photos that he photograph in past years.

Later it turned out that everything about his accuser Sarah Contey was a lie and that Ly Cao was part of this among others who knew more about this and never came forward or ask any questions.

Mr Joseph Sirakas received a new legal advice as well to start over when the truth came out , but due to a legal technically issue in the state of Virginia, he would be a outcast due to the legal system for years to come.

One day perhaps he make find peace or forgiveness toward his enemies of the lies they told and move on to become something greater then he was before.

Time shall tell…… All I can I say is hopefully whatever he does or goes or becomes he will achieved success in everything he does. 

Ashlin M

Dec 21 2011


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