Saturday, June 21, 2008

University of Virginia Charlottesville

Well I guess we all know she really lied to herself and everyone. She needs to stop being a bitch and just find some kind of peace with Joey. Where does he go.......... which shelter in annadale?

God I can't believe her for doing something like this and telling everyone else a completly differant story.

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Charlottesville university of virginia annadale Ly Cao
Thursday, July 10, 2008


Shit man'' I would too go crazy if this happen to me b/c of my gf fuck cause all this But if you take her better pop the next fagit that does shit it again...LOL

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Re : Ly cao friend UVA
Monday, July 7, 2008

That is disgusting...she really went down hill. I also agree too. This getting out of hand and She is either to stubborn to find Joseph and let him do what a good boyfriend does.

Or she will get another diease or something worst. She think's this going to go away , but stuff like this doesn't. I still can't believe no one and not even her dad boa' didnt stop this or help them both

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Charlottesville university of virginia Slut ly cao whore
Monday, July 7, 2008

Mmm...dangerous...what if she just goes backs her boyfriend joe. I don't think this whiteboy is going to be nice when he starts finding out who posted all this shit and the other websites.

I see it spreading everywhere now since the story broke out this past week tuesday. Hopefully she won't saved him at all...and will fuck herself even more. Where is this guy joe?

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Charlottesville university of virginia Slut ly cao whore
Monday, July 7, 2008

Who are the other 2 sluts with her? Shit this so fucking weird.. I was at the same party. Damn man so explains why she was stuckup and try to be a wannabea. Well nice she got what's coming to her...fucking whore.!

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Ok so basic's..... this dirty cunt likes to cheat alot. She thinks she a hot ass asian bitch but doesn't tell anyone she got herpes HPV and tells alot of bullshit. I mean she a pro at lying ..speech lesson's. Anyway this how she spreads it and no one knew about it until the reporter interview 2 the guys who try to post flyers at elson clinic but they had a fight in parking lot and thats suppose to be that...lolol..

So christia found out she that she had a fucking secret of screwing her bf big time. So Everyone is posting and looking for her bf the guy joe....what a fucking

Think about it...if she gets back with him...then all will be gone. But if she doesn' She is soooooooooooo trying to get more pics video. anyone send more?

so now she is the hpv asian chick.!!
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Look she'll do right thing. Just give her time. Everyone saying crap and bad stuff about her and joe.

They''ll work out and get back together............and then he go after everyone that did and said all of this. Yeah he'll be a dumb ass for taking her back and listening to her..but I'm more afraid of what happens afterwards. They would be together and nothing would stop them.

By distancing herself away from him ..she screw up...because the are both opposites that work. One a brain..the other sword.

But she's fucked if she doesn't do anything soon.
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Ok I think i'll write something since this kinda of effects me too. I saw Ly come back home from school and was going to say to her,but I rather tell her that, 'you should just stay home and take care of your parents . '

You are and Joe always had problem's. But he did his best to put up with your shit all the time and you made look stupid when you try to correct him in public. He never really got mad at you and your the one that need's correcting these days. My parent's know yours very well and I rather let that be like that. Because I can't tell them what you did to Joe and what your doing to your own parent's now.

You need to find Joe and get back together. Because I know you don't want too or think this really crazy to do that...but he was yours and you knew that, He always love you so much.

He always told everyone about how you guys met and it really not good that you say shit behind his back and lie about him. Did you lie to your parent's about him also? Is that why they didn't help him because of you?

You know who this.ok. But I have to tell my parent's the truth...and yours too.
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She will do the right thing and go back to him. 'Remeber the heart goes fonder when away'.

I wish I could have talk to him or something. Because it didn't make sense what she said about Joseph. This was not right by all means.

Even today...a couple of 4th july's ago....some drunk guy touched Ly's leg on the metro and he did what any boyfriend would do.....beat the shit out of the guy. That's what makes someone marry and have kids with to know that he will protect you. I know her parents even they like was funny he was helping her dad with the roof and they broke the glass window in the front of her house. Stupid little things that you know this is suppose to last for real.

But you blew it really bad Ly. Gbà cô chị gái et to help you because she help joseph before. Does anyone know where he's is and why he can't stop this?
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Yeah this is really bad and shameful what she did. I asked around here at Eden Center (little saigon for all you white people out there) that her dad H. Minh Cao is part of community here and annandale.
As here she is a 'bad daughter' is mildly putting it. She had a friend ( their is no word for boyfriend in viet) who care for her family more than his . And what I gather respected her family, did what a boyfriend is suppose to do. And he did for 7yrs ( long engagement for viet means if they past 3 yrs..then thats the one) But a viet family would have correct this and saved them both.

I find it hard to believe her family didn't help him and get them back together. Even now that this is finally out...why they do nothing. It looks poor in our community. We just don't do that to anyone....we have suffer a lot and lost our own country.

But to make someone suffer the pain and anquish of abandonment loss.

If I see Mr H. Minh Cao....I will say something to him about this. And ask other's to do the same.
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Maybe she does cares for him but needed time to deal with this and it just got out of hand. And doesn't know how to apporch this in a quite matter for herself?

But I think she has to do it soon and find him god what else can happen. She try to do something legal or listen to her stupid friends from school. And it will blow up in her face and came back to her again.

Alot of her friends probly really didn't know what happen until now. And they writing alot here and the other's site of what they know.
I found this on Plaxo website. There's alot of them and wedding knots this some kind of wedding journal...the guy even wrote a nice poem for her about both them.

I really feel sad about them both..maybe she should have never gone to UVA. Its that other guy fucking fault the asshole!!

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Re : Ly cao friend UVA
Thursday, July 3, 2008

Re : Ly cao friend UVA
Fuck this...if you reading this Ly go find him. gee are you that stubborn now!!

I know when your dad had cancer....what did joseph do? He would drive back and forth to check up on him while you went to school...make sure your family was good and even try to get a private room from his mom.( and what you told me about his mom,thats scary)
*my bobo*

He always made sure you were happy and all thoses roses for a year he got you every week. WTF girl...maybe small things but he did try his best for you. ONLY YOU!!

i like being your friend, but this is too much.
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Có thể ông ta không biết cái gì và sẽ giúp đỡ joe một khi cô ấy không có quan tâm. Cô ấy là một con gái xấu bây giờ

Bạn đi Nói với bố (của) cô ấy về điều này. Tôi cũng thách thức bạn Vì Ông ta cần phải (Cái) này xảy ra
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Well I know something which I think her friends or anyone didn't know about.

He was homeless around the area and I think even her mom help him,but probly didn't know what her own daughter really fuck him over. And I think her aunt took him in and gave some food or something...I wish I could remeber this but it was like a year now.

But it was Ly and that fuck face nathan who convince her to get a 'protective order' which I saw the posting on another website. And I guess just kick his ass out or abandon him.

Reason I know this b/c I saw him sleeping outisde near the park off backlick/braddock .

He really look bad and just sick. What gets me reading this and the other's site's is I know her family..everyone know's them around here and Eden. And they all knew Joseph since he was always over there helping her dad and everything.

But to be so cold hearted and just giveup on him. I know they fight but they were always together and take's what makes a good couple.

I still can't believe her family did nothing. Where is he now?
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is one sneaky tricky asian...I manage to copy her profile on facebook before the bitch had time to change it. here the pix man'

send More pix
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Fuck that I wouldn't have take her back..was the point. She's a fuckup..crazy..std boomboom and lying hoe. If she found him...and try to say something nice and probly more bullshit talk...would he take her back? he'll be a dumb ass as her.

Go back or call joseph now!!! Dont be such a dumbass.ok You made a mistake and could have it both ways again I think. Because now everyone is knowing both of your business.

Ly , you know he help you high school and JMU and took care of things alot for you. Making sure you didnt have to worry. At minh's wedding ..he look after your dad and made sure everything is cool at home. You both were very close and you can't just let this go on because your being stubborn and fell for a asshole that clearly didn't tell you everything and use you like a common whore. Now that you know better. You should really look for Joseph and tell him about this if he doesn't already know and is still around.

Just start all over again..this is really worth Ly....Give him a chance owe him alot.

And stop faking faint spell's or acting...this is not high school. I know what you did at ruby tuesday's.!

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Những con gái (của) anh ấy đó!! ồ Chúa trời (của) tôi vì vậy cậu bé đó là joe!! Tôi nhìn thấy ông ta ngủ đằng sau kho khổng lồ bên ngoài. Tôi didn ' T nghĩ của nó vào thời gian
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Bố (của) cô ấy và mẹ biết? Tôi nhìn thấy bố (của) cô ấy hôm qua tại kho. Tôi didn ' T thật sự muốn nói bất cứ cái gì nhưng bạn nghĩ rằng somone khác cần phải nói cái gì đó về nó

The only thing that would stop this in it's tracks and something good come out of it.

If She just goes back to him...plain and simple

Just take a chance and go find him (hopefully alive) and help him. No tricks,court orders or lies.Because if she can do this without hesiation and swallow her pride or lack of a better word. This would be the right thing to do after all this time. And may even make her a better person or at least a honest one.

As if he truly this great guy and good person.....then he can take her back and forgive for this. As it's seems she has fuckup several times before and he has been there to fix again.

But seriously it better be soon before things worst. Not alot of people like when you use someone and don't give a damn. It will follow you and catch up.

where does she here live in annadale kalorama? I think she lives across my friend vanessa..this was when she was going to JMU I think. because she try to say her and her bf were perfect clp than mines.

Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 09:38 AM (UTC -4)
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Dude..thats so send me a link copy.
Posted on Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 11:44 PM (UTC -4)

Didn't anyone notice this blog and then the articles and now it's mainstream news in the past year? I past this on as a joke to my friend's but when you re-read it. This shit is really not funny at all.

I still have another year here UVA and I'll ask my teachers about her. But I did get this from my friend Brian who had it on his wall as a dart board which was funny as hell.
*she only stael's hair dyer's or exchange useless crap for*

I ask him about it and he said he got from the police station, which they said it was a fake But how ironic because of the whole situation that maybe they should have locked her stupid butt up after all. I wonder if this maybe true to this also, since I guess the reporter missed this but they have to follow the true reports I guess.

But this is so cool.
Posted on Tuesday, July 1, 2009

Ly Cao hello kitty slut
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
LOL THATS SO FUCKED UP!!!! I knew them both when she was a waitress at ruby tuesday...they were a hot couple and the guy look like some military asshole...but he really was a cool guy and shit. I remeber when ly fainted at work on the floor (maybe she was pregant?) but this guy came in and and took care of her right there on the spot!!
God I wish I had somone like that for myself, but now I come to think about it and reading this....she did cheat on him with our asshole cooks. (hopefully they got std's from her)
Well i said my 2 cent. If this he's still alive and homeless..then she need's to get off her and save him for once. because hell you can't find any real good guys like that anymore .......that loyal and caring?

Monday, June 30, 2008
Someone say pictures?...lolo I went on facbook and saw she has pictures and her friends are my friends ..lolo. damn this bitch did this how can i copy them and send them to where?

Speech Pathology UVA
Monday, June 30, 2008
Mmmm...I didnt understand what was the big deal until I click a link to 'Speech Pathology Uva ' and found this post of this guy saying how he had sex with her and got warts'. Kinda of funny I thought until he post halloween pictures of her being this wannabea hooker. the guy said they had a 2 guy sex thing with her and later they got it from her. I look it up and HPV is like spreading now more and more and that if you use valrex i think it will help but if you get it.. you will get warts and they have to burn it off. for guys it actully showing rashes.
i posted the link on facebook and maybe it will help you guys to watch this dirty person. Does anyone else have pictures of her now and anything else?
speak american please!!!
Monday, June 30, 2008
Look i just found this in the news paper here in falls church. This was real interesting and kind of crap..since if she was such a perfect asian bitch she would have stay by her side. But it showed the streotype yet again that another asian slut use this guy for 7 yr fucking and went to school and this 'shit for brains' fucker living out in VT set him up big time. And where was the fucking police? they accuse this guy b/c of his bitch gf couldn't keep her legs close and burn him too. Fuck that shit !! This proves you should handle your own shit...I am a reasonbile guy but dang man! THIS IS ONE COLD ASIAN SLUT!!!

cộng đồng Việt nam ly Cao
Monday, June 30, 2008
Tôi biết những không phải là chỗ (của) Tôi viết điều này hay phổ biến điều này gì nữa. Nhưng những người cần phải biết điều đó Loftiness chalice Bố (Thì) đáng kính trọng cao trong cộng đồng (của) chúng ta. Tôi gặp ông ta và joe.chalice là bạn trai và họ có vẻ cùng nhau rất đẹp. Tôi biết rằng Joe có một sự lưu tâm cao và giúp đỡ gia đình ở alot của những thứ. Tôi chắc chắn là gia đình (của) cô ấy được có giúp đỡ và mua lại đôi mặt sau cùng nhau. Có thể Chalice Đã lạc đường và học những lỗi (của) cô ấy một khi cô ấy làm thứ trường cao đẳng Sai.Hy vọng đi quay trở lại một mà quan tâm
I know its not my place to write this or spread this anymore. But people should know that ly cao dad's is highly respected in our community. I met him and's boyfriend and they seem together very nice. I know Joe had a high regard and help the family in alot of things. I am sure her family would have help and bought the couple back together again. Maybe Ly lost her way and learn her mistakes since she did the college thing wrong.Hopefully going back to one who carefor truly
Ly Cao Viet
Monday, June 30, 2008
Bạn biết rằng Tôi sống gần họ và biết cha mẹ (của) cô ấy . Nhưng bố (của) tôi có sự giết Tamarind tree Nếu Tôi Có bao giờ làm điều đó tới người chồng (của) tôi. và tôi nhìn thấy những bức tranh của (sự) chạm gã nào đó với một chất nôn ra (của) cô ấy. Yuck. Dissuation ' T đợi để đi đến trung tâm thiên đường. tôi sự sai lệch giữ điều này tới tự mình
Charlottesville blog university of virginia
Monday, June 30, 2008
You know i fucking dont get that crazy shit was going on and i didnt even hear it until i went down for the grad party and this week and Aj called me and told me this shit!! That asian was hot but was a fucking slut after all! HPV herpes...whoa. seems UVA will be soon the ASIAN STD school /bc of that ho!!
Damn i am going back to VT..peace out and wear thos rubbers.!!lol
Charlottesville university of virginia
Monday, June 30, 2008
jason you wake up for this shit!! I know the she's a whore!! Anh called me I getting checked out when i move back up NOVA this week........ but it's fucking awesome that word getting out about her finally. You should go to clinic man..remeber she was everywhere at school.

What the fuck Man!!
Sunday, June 29, 2008
whoa! that some messed up shit!! I saw your facebook and your bullshit friends ...i say email everyone on that there..i bet those she fuck are on itching in there pants? funny asian hoe! doe's anyone know where this bicth live up here?
re: ly cao
Saturday, June 28, 2008
heyyyyyyyyyy...yeah i know where lives and works . she had some fucking brother fagit luan that went to annandale high school they live around cornor man. anyways my sister walks her dog past their house. I think she might be coming back everyone graduration from uva this week. so it would be funny as shit that we have our own fucking disease whore around the cornor..we boom boom..i give you std

Joke: walking one bitch dog down another street across another bitch. what does the dog say? ruffwarts!!
02:49 PM (UTC -4)

Ly Cao university of virginia charlottesville
Saturday, June 21, 2008
Mmm she nasty.:)

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