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University of Virginia News Journal

I had the misfortune of meeting Ly Cao here in Charlottesville. As we were both students here.  I met both Ly cao and Joseph at a swinger’s night together at the Whiskey Jar across from the arena ice skate rink August 2006.  They both came ready to play and cheerful couple, she had a very short black dress but what got everyone’s attention is that when she sat on the high chair was wearing nothing underneath! Just heels and a tiny black dress with her fiancee rubbing his hand on her thigh. 
This was very exciting as another couple introduce them all around.  Eventually we all talked and I gave them my number since my gf was a little jealousy of it all.  Well after a week they called me if I had any plans for the weekend and wouldn’t mind stopping by for a “friendly visit”. Well I let you readers use you imagination on on that.
Anyway I would see them whenever they called except the last month of October things seem to change and not for the better. He was not around anyone and I didn’t think to ask at the time but since they had a very open poly relationship I guess. But when she invited me alone to hotel I thought nothing of it.
I must have been with her about 5 times and well as I do practice safe consensual sex. What I didn’t bargain for was contracting a STD…Herpes warts. I know it somewhat my personal fault that maybe I should have ask her more about other partners….I can live with that, it does happen.
But what I did not take in was how when I try to confront her about it she was so imprudent and heartless.  She just said she was too busy and well another was in her room which I remember from the swinger party.
I was somewhat shocked and well I had to get medical attention which did help much since well to spare you from details…Google it. And also as being now a carrier of HPV.
So I took upon myself and to get help from friends of what I should do. It seems MS ly cao, forgot that I was an intern and trying to be a journalist as well. So I try to get as much resources and information about her.  This was truly unthinkable and more than I ever hoped for and see where the story goes too.


Jan.23, 2007 archives Cao aka Lady Oriana....a professional Asian dominatrix & fetish model
*ly cao aka lady oriana asian femdom dominatrix*
*ly cao aka lady oriana & slave training*

*ly cao aka lady oriana trampling slave*
Ly cao aka lady oriana asian fetish nude submissive slave pornstar*

 A graduate student & porn star dominatrix. I wanted to know more and I did a follow-up report on Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana.
Through many interviews from student’s, friends and local faculty..... Whom some wouldn't go record.
I found more to the story that was a tragic loss and sadden event. That touched many of you and had written letters to me, about the misshaping of the couple. That a local grad student of University of Virginia (UVA) had conducted herself in such matter. Many you were in our community were both outrage and ashamed that this happen here in Charlottesville.

Civil leaders in our community didn't even known that this had occur and simply say; 'That both student and teacher who attended our schools must set a standard of respect and dignity when coming here.

Many of you had sent in many photo's links and personal information about the couple Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana and Joseph Sirakas (Warfare01). Once the story broke out in small articles and blogs everywhere. The story started growing in our community and slowly spreading by word of mouth. Many of you wanted to know if anything could be done and change. But the story itself became more obscene and tragic when fake published court documents and apparent false suicide of Joseph Sirakas.?

Many of you had stepped forward to give additional information and personal opinions of why this even happen at all.

'How can she {Ly Cao} standby and do nothing after being with him for 7 year's and leave him with nothing. What kind of person is she really and why doesn't the school or anyone do something to her?'

As being a reporter, I am bound to be partial when I follow a story, but this lead into much bizarre and adult theme content. That the perversion and deviant behavior by Ms Ly Cao, that she had not shown any shame or remorse here in our great school or community.
 In a word, that such a disgrace and character in my opinion.
That she should be held for her (Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana) action's and the truth be known of what really had happen. Can anyone be forgiven for this and what of kind of justice truly is served here?

As for my blog reader's, many of you ask about the background and character of Mr. Joseph Sirakas

 When pursuing this I was astonish and in amazement of what his character and many of his friend's he had around the world, some as far UK,Germany and Saudi Arabia etc..
 A native Texan he moved to Northern Virginia in 1983 and was very ambitious and a hard worker in the fields of computer science and photography. He had won both the VICA awards for AutoCAD engineering & Computers; 2nd in Photography. After that, he join the US Army (1991-1994) and again (2004-2005) 15th Squad 12th Cal, Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

 During his college's he graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with A.A. and was part of the social club S.A.L.S.A. and was very well like by many in both the community and local. Helping the needy and teaching kindergartens in local shelters.

*Santa's little helper*
Mr. Joseph Sirakas was always well thought of and very friendly and helpful in the community.
*Always now forever my love*

During this time he persuades his passion for photography and later eventually meets Ms Ly Cao in October.20, 2000. This is confirmed by close friends of the couple at the time.

Through his art work was 'highly 'borderline' adult content ( fetish photography ) and it never went past the standards of normal showcase glamour magazines.

*fetish model & photographer*
*ly cao aka lady oriana asian fetish model &  warfare01 *

The more I wrote and followed my nose of this story, the more my reader's and simple individuals came forward with even more pictures, stories and even somehow?....a copy of her {Ly Cao} red Journal.

 Which as a reporter can only confirmed only those I have interviewed for this on going story.

 It seems that Joseph Sirakas and Ms Ly Cao were in fact engaged 2005 and she was his fiancee.
But through her{Ly Cao} Journal, which was confirmed those living in North Virginia area.

That while Mr. Joseph Sirakas was deployment in the US Army Summer 2005 that she had 4 extra marriage affairs and was cheating. Since they were a very nice and attractive couple that he {Joseph Sirakas} always stood by her side {Ly Cao} and her family.


  "As a close personal friend, I could wish to have the relationship they had together. It was like an 'unseen bond' between them. But when she cheated and lied to him. She did that to me too. And it cost me my life as well. - K."

This showed the basic character of Ms Ly Cao and as several university of Virginia (UVA) parent's have wrote;
          '' I am a Vietnamese mother and I was outrage of how her family let their daughter do this with no respect for herself the level of betrayal and having no guilt or remorse for her action's. Because I find it offense that my own daughter was in the same class and her common đàn bà nhếch nhác và gái điếm (whore and slut) after all that time. Pretending to be a nice and cheerful, but able to willfully hurt someone {Joseph Sirakas} and other's."

So now to my reader's who had sent in many emails of encouragement and blessing for Mr. Joseph Sirakas. Hoping and praying that Ms Ly Cao would come back to him {Joseph Sirakas}??....... And forgiveness and healing would end this story ever after.
 But the story became too much for a lot reader's and that an injustice had gone from terrible to worst. Through court record's and finding the truth. I rewrote from my last article this which was pickup by mainstream local news that was also interest and watching this story. Also seeing what can be done behind the scenes.

It was a joke to break him off...among other thing's since she ( Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana ) had been cheating behind her finacee's back ( Joseph Sirakas ) of being together for more than 7yrs....since she attended her first 2months at her school....UVA University of Virginia Sept 2006. After that a series of "fake suicide website's" were made to discredit her finacee ( Joseph Sirakas ). As well as local community blogger's were posting detail information about the couple's "personal lifestyle' involving in Sado masochism, Adult Bondage & Discipline scene's photography & video's.Later this would be known more extensively as she ( Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana ) appear on a local college show...preforming as a professional asian dominatrix "" Their would be to more posting's as many had made comment’s and uploaded 'personal & family ' photo's of the couple. It was a very tragic story of what happen to her fiancée (Joseph Sirakas) has rumor's of his suicide did occur In Jan. 2007 after she (Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana) accuse him of Stalking. Later it was found that the allegations were false. Joseph Sirakas returned back to Northern Virginia and Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana....remained in Charlottesville with a Nathan Skerslet who she had secretly been cheating with as a ' Adult Swinger partner' at the time. During that time...their was no information or mentioned of the whereabouts’ of Joseph Sirakas or Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana until recently of Sept 2008. The rest is history.

And what is she going to do now? Will she move back to Annandale Virginia disgracing her family what has occur in a year? Will she attempt to correct what she has personally done and cause?  Please do send any photos, links and additional material to my editor. Thank you again.
*My love's 21st birthday*

Christina L. & Jonathan C. co-writes students

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