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The End Of Lies....And A New Beginning Warfare01

Dec. 21, 2011 Merry Christmas

As this story becomes more & more straight to pint of didn’t do they job or spoke up or really let a innocent man to be prosecuted upon a lie.
My husband & I started this when I pushed him  to open about this tragic horrible about Mr. Joseph Sirakas and his life story and that perhaps one day someone or somewhere would do something about it.

I thought about shutting this website after 9yrs and made its was enough to help or find peace with this story. But I decide to leave it as is and that the truth will come forth one day and Mr. Joseph Sirakas  would find a life somewhere and Justice would be serve.

As it turns out , things happen for a reason.  Mr. Sirakas was finally release this year and everything that had happen is now going to be known how truly it was all for a lie that he lost his life, freedom & mind.

So basically to keep this story straight to point of what happen between Mr. Joseph Sirakas & Ly Cao, of course using a computer and not “Auto-Correction on IPad” that some made parts of this news blog  unreadable as a whole.

·         Mr. Sirakas & Ly Cao were together for 8 years.
·         Both were living 2 lives.  One a normal one & kinky fetish one.
·         Him = Army Military / IT Computer / Photographer
·         Her = University Student  / Waitress / Dancer

Kink fetish Stuff

·         Him = fetish photographer / Top –Master
·         Her = Asian femdom Dominatrix / Adult Performer / Pornstar

For 8 years they were a poly open-relationship couple who were highly part of BDSM community &
He support her through both school and her family. And allow to explore her sexuality of becoming a Asian dominatrix & adult performance in photos & videos.

As the this story goes upon moving to UVA here in 2006, she met Nathan Skreslet on dating site.
As so to keep this short, she decide she wanted a  new life and the only way out was to have Mr. Sirakas exposed as a abusive boyfriend , any adult material or photos of themselves would be deleted & have someone to accused him and that would be that. Also several misleading fakes websites and any others to discredit him as well over the years.

I girl named Sarah Contey . who was a fetish goth model was currently dating Luan Cao (Ly Cao brother at time) turn out to be underage apparently 16-17? and no one knew about this as well.

She accused Mr Sirakas, in which any evidence  of her stage model name Amelia Dolore was not known or question about it or relationship to Luan Cao (Ly Cao brother).

Mr.Sirakas was already PSTD & depression due to his breakup with Ly Cao was not given a proper legal representation or  any investigation of his accuser life as a underage adult model.
After her statement she move out of the state of Virginia one month afterwards…..which would leave many questions..i.e. “ Where does a 17-18yr? girl get that much money to leave all of sudden”?

5 years past

As of this year Dec 2011-2012

Mr Joseph Sirakas was released.
 A small publishing company in France found a photo that was not supposed to exist & offered Mr. Sirakas sponsorship and copyright control over any photos that he photograph in past years.

Later it turned out that everything about his accuser Sarah Contey was a lie and that Ly Cao was part of this among others who knew more about this and never came forward or ask any questions.

Mr Joseph Sirakas received a new legal advice as well to start over when the truth came out , but due to a legal technically issue in the state of Virginia, he would be a outcast due to the legal system for years to come.

One day perhaps he make find peace or forgiveness toward his enemies of the lies they told and move on to become something greater then he was before.

Time shall tell…… All I can I say is hopefully whatever he does or goes or becomes he will achieved success in everything he does. 

Ashlin M

Dec 21 2011


Monday, November 4, 2013

Richmond Virginia News Open Letter

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

Well have YOU been naughty or nice?
I must say that fate it seems to effect anyone who believes that the little things we do in life,
 effect more than you know.

Someone sent me a link old that kinds of twist in a way that Ly Cao & Nathan Skreslet were the wholesome couple of the community.

Which Praise the couple....But kinda of sort sighted since I guess since the reporter didnt really look beyond anything else of followed up on it.?

So I wrote a Open on the Subject:
Greetings Ms. Satchell,

I recently added your story and link back to my blog which over the years has been gaining a following.

I read your article and saw the videos which I would like to say that help a lot.
And how you praise the the couple and what Ly Cao said in the report.

Problem was that is was kind false story about them in every way from when they first meet 2006??
 Because of her real finace' Joseph Sirakas also known as Warfare01 which she was still with at the time for 8yrs and being a fetish model porn dominatrix and he was a fetish photographer.

And kinda of twist of  fate you never follow up on anything else that no one even notice until this past year.

I have been doing my blog and freelance journalism with the sole purpose that no one should be punished because of another person guilt or cruelty.

From a legal stand point what I post is free domain of expression and press. 

But doing your story about this couple  or rather Ly Cao made seem she was a good person and of the community. 

And no one thought the wise ....until now.

So I am waiting for response or hell maybe they actually do their job and follow thur and report the good and the bad.
Lying is bad...Hiding It is worst!!!


And as a XMAS Treat guess who just did a photoshoot ....again as model??
"Either you are just ignorant enough to do that again or its just a bad move to that your digging a hole deeper for yourself."

( I Mean I dont have too but its always help to ask as I will give her credit for being brave to take the photos in the first place).....or maybe she knows or not??

SO till XMAS.....WAIT!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Real News?? IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Ly Cao Skreslet ?? WTF? Warfare01 JSirakas

OK My readers.....yeah,yeah its been awhile since I've been on here but life does go on well for some and i guess their are some important things you just never forget or let go....i know this from personal experience.

So I got a real job and got my BA from this damn school and yet i still live here and even a new wife.
So since she prelaw...she has help me with all the shitload of emails requests i got in my email and about my blog which i will be going commercial $$$ and  added word press account to keep this going.

My story has gone mainstream and even local news , reporters, other journalists and TV have been asking more of what i have and where to follow the leads to all this. The people involved...the places and especially the photos!!! 

And yeah also our local law enforcement? i guess since somewhere out there the gathering the amount of shit that was never seen or known until now!!!

Their what a horseshit commet : " We cannot confirm or deny that a investigation is underway"  



The Photo themselves show a very unique timeline of dates and events which I guess no one fucking looked it up or hell even thought to ask?!@#$% at time until now.


So far I am dying for the interview of Mr. Sirakas....because well personally...i gave that bitch (Ly Cao or Skreslet? ) a chance to apologize to me and yeah she forgot everything about she said.." it's your problem now? giving me a hpv is my problem?? 
Yeah, yeah i move on but fuck that shit of forgetting!!

So for now....I actually helping with 'OFFICALS" *wink * *wink*
(of course I'm not fuckedup to actually meet them )))

To show where the evidence that need to bring this shit down old school down.
And with everyone who link and sent photos of whats been going on for the past 8years 
when i started this shit.

OK,Ok...some photos are fucking hard to believe and see yet these are actual people lives & real.

One bitch lied,cheated and fuck up alot of people lives.
Another bitch was told to lied to fuck one life and so to get rid of him.
And now the one that got so fucked will come back from hell 
now all their lives are fucked.

the Circle of Life.



So as to not fuck up the out come of this shit and let the legal experts to get up off the asses and take this bitch down and everyone involved...and yeah kinda of  twisted justice that now she'll will be going to jail and  maybe both?? or all??  BECAUSE I SURE TAKING PHOTO WITH SUPPOSEDLY UNDERAGE GIRL IN BONDAGE SITUATION CAN COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU..HAHA 
I've been actually getting legal advice from the Monticello and their conclusion comes down to free speech and public information.



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ly Cao Skreslet ?? WTF!!

Well my readers…it has been a great new month and well I couldn’t leave  the powers that be to do actually do something constructive in the  happy ending story of this Journal.

So I shall be brief in posting some things today and just get to the point mostly just legal crap.

A lot of you have asked why do we keep doing this. Well in a nut shell…if you read my first writing of this journal. I clearly pointed out why and the ripple effects that connects everyone else.

When this story became a mind of its own I let everyone put there 2 cents and what they submitted from all everywhere. But I did try to stay on topic and be objective from both sides of the issues…pro or con. 
  But when I try to make some kind of compromise and see the facts…I kept getting unanswered questions and emails being blocked. So I had to literally find more direct resources by of course all legal means possible.

First of course you asked where are these photos coming from and linked?

Well at the beginning....I did what anyone else did I “Google it” since 2006, 2007, 2008 and so on.
 Of course I didn’t have permission to post to them or hell even the links to them at all at the time. But not all them were copyrighted at all and were legally for public use on websites as webshots old site, news reports, Google images, Facebook which practically give you them and others were sent to me anonymous with a link.
What really got my attention was that the fact that a Stock Photography Company acquired a licensed agreement with Joseph Sirakas also known as Warfare01 Cyber-fetish War this past year of March 2012.

Which there official statement says:

"March.29, 2012

So to avoid any legal problems or embarrassments if I had to remove all the photos I use to tell this tale of woe.  I asked for permission for the use of anything that I am allowed to be used on our journal from their sites.

Their response was overwhelming and that our application was would be pending upon final approval from the copyright holders.
So  in plain English…..the photos and links stay here for now and hopefully more will come.

For now I can honestly say people are speaking up about really happen and what course of action should be legally done now.  Maybe 6 years late and that everyone thought it will would go away or be forgotten.

They say a photo tells a story, in this case…it shows so much that you don’t want to believe in it all or hide from it.

We now know for a fact that Ms. Ly Cao and Amelia Dolore did know each other, were involved in a photo together in a sexual way……..Seriously, if you see a girl with a ball gagged in her mouth and a Asian dominatrix porn star holding her by the collar….WTF?
 It safe to say they not playing dress up or cosplay.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joseph Sirakas vs Ly Cao and Who else?


Will we get a tone of emails, Photos, links and even some interesting facts...LMAO!

We will eventually get to them and start posting when we sort things out.

But I'll say that this past year we had a complete surprise from many sources that were just sitting there unnoticed or even linked.

I can honestly say that...justice was indeed blind in case Mr.  Joseph Sirakas.

They say a "picture tells a 1,000 words". In this case it shows more and told a unique story and keeps telling and asking more questions than answers.

Short summary:
1.     We know that Amelia Dolore aka Sarah Contey ....fetish Goth emo model, was modeling hardcore fetish scenes and posting before she may/may not have been over 18yr...Starting way back Aug 2004-2008 (this we are still trying to figure out) on model websites and before even knowing Warfare01 a.k.a. Joseph Sirakas and Ms. Ly Cao
2.     She did clothed non-revealing Goth shoots with Warfare01 aka Mr. Sirakas, but it seems was doing  the hard core fetish photos with others photographers and being a submissive to them as well and not telling anyone and lied, that she may have been under age at the time and maybe really no one knew about it.?
3.     From the model and photography websites...deviantart,modelmayhem,photobucket,myspace, etc. and even her own face book she has link photos of what she has been doing and posting since 2004-2008...(again before she may/may not have been over 18yr...Starting way back Aug 2004 -2008...this we are still trying to figure out)
4.     Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana...ex-girlfriend & ex-fiancée' of Mr. Joseph Sirakas aka Warfare01...which they were together for 7 1/2 yrs...Lied, betrayed and things far horrible that anyone can do to a person you cared for and family.....was in fact the center of all this...i.e. suicide blogs, fake face book accounts, false statements.


5.     Mr. Joseph Sirakas...survive his dramatic ordeal for the past 5 yrs. and well legally we cannot really put in him” harm’s way".   WE WOULD LOVE TO INTERVIEW HIM OR ASK QUESTIONS WE ARE DYING TO KNOW!!                                                                                    
  But He gave away control and his copyrights to a Stock Photo Company back in March and on his behalf they re-posted a lot of his works and photos which have not been seen in ever! And that showed there more to this story that no one really knew about.
6.     It would seems Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana, didn’t want anyone to know about her secret life as a Asian femdom and adult performer life that she had with her ex-fiancee Mr. Sirakas aka Warfare01.  Even thru it was him that helps support her throughout her schooling and work and even took care of her family. And she betrayed him while she was swinging with  Mr. Nathan Skreslet on a HOTORNOT website and was cheating on him (not the so-called rosy summary line on the Face book Ugly mugs face painting sties on they actually met.)
7.     We do know Mr. Sirakas took clothed non-revealing Goth solo shoots of Amelia Dolore but nothing hardcore that we can find. Only of other local fetish photographers listed on this site. But we did find from her face book album...a mistress / submissive bondage photo of her and Ms. Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana that was dated Aug 8 2005 taken by Copyright@Katherine/Amelia Dolore Photography tm?

( which again she may/may not have been over 18yr...Starting way back Aug 2004 -2008                                                           this we are still trying to figure out) 

8.     It seems Ms Ly Cao aka Lady Oriana was using her as a submissive in fetish shoots or other things? Did she know she was underage since from the photos we found on her own website facebook & webshots she is was clearly part of the family from the photos : why didn't anyone ask the "big questions" when justice was blind that day with Mr. Sirakas.....and none of these "type of photos" were taken or made by Warfare01 aka Mr. Sirakas at the time of the date....SO WHO IS COPYRIGHT@KATHERINE-?  Later we would know that she had habit of lying about her age to do shoots to everyone she worked with or not telling anyone.

 So that’s all for now folks....the New Year shall bring light at the end of the tunnel. We will back in January 2013. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ly Cao?

Thank you All for sending us everything..letters,emails,photos ,links.

We will be coming back soon for the Fall Semester Nov.29, 2012 here and up and running again.

So please keep submitting your stuff to us. 
Thank You.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ly Cao Lady Oriana asian femdom dominatrix adult pornstar local shool nursing student cnl charlottesville richmond uva university of virginia ??

Well to my Reader's I wish to "Thank them" for sending new* links. Blogs...picture's...and Video. But if anyone does know the whereabouts’ of Mr. Joseph Sirakas... (Warfare01)??  I would be great to speak to him and perhaps a meaningful interview after all this time?

So keep sending more stuff and I will publish it.   Thank You.
Robert D:

Well I guess I can add something to this blog website...since I did know them at one point both Ly Cao & Joseph. They were very much in Swinger's lifestyle and invited me along when we would get together at her apartment and fuck around when her fiancée' Joseph would come over every weekend to visit her here in Charlottesville.  I still have the video they made of all of us fucking her.... (They made a lot of home videos of themselves and for her Asian femdom fetish site.

I have some from my personal collection of them both  (ly cao & joseph ) from their old website : and they still have their old tumblr on the first blog...i guess way back in 2004? If you can't see the video here it's at 4 locations online :

........which they kept and was running for awhile. I have 6 other video's if anyone want's them...then I be happy to post them up....well without me in